Original Air Date: July 4th, 2009

The Designer Gays take entertaining for Pride to a whole new level, Fawks News correspondent Gracie Nance comes down hard on Canada for allowing gay marriage and we talk to electro goddess Peaches and LA's Jackie Beat.

“Designer Gays: Pride Edition”
“Peaches Interview”
“Fawks News 2”
“Jackie Beat Interview"
“Venus Girl”

created and produced by Mark Kenneth Woods
created and co-produced by Michael Venus
starring: Cotton, Mark Kenneth Woods, Michael Venus
featuring: Dickey Doo, Maren Hancock, Ryan Steele
special guests: Peaches, Jackie Beat
written & directed by Mark Kenneth Woods
additional writing by Michael Venus
original music by DJ Dickey Doo for dixmix productions
filmed & edited by Mark Kenneth Woods
additional camera and editing by Robert-John Farrow, Michael Venus
main title design by Robin Baker
still photographs by Nicholas Jang, Dre Weiss
© 2008 mkw productions

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